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    Genetic testing for breast and ovarian Cancer 1)what is genetic testing? Answer:- Genetic make up of an individual is like a house map.Any abnormality in the house map will lead to a faulty construction of the house, similarly any abnormality in the gene may lead to disease. This abnormality in genes is referred to as mutations. There are tests which can find out these specific mutations. 2) Are there genes identified which increase risk of breast and ovarian cancer? Answer: There are several genes but the most well known and commonly tested genes are BRCA1 and BRCA2. several other candidate genes have been identified and research in this area is ongoing. 3)Who should have genetic test for breast and ovarian cancer? Answer: we offer genetic test for women who have strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer. which is as follows:- a) two or more relatives with breast or ovarian cancer; especially if diagnosed at age <50 years. b) close family member with cancer of both breast or breast and ovarian cancer in same individual. c) if you have family members from different generation with breast or ovarian cancer. note: STRONG FAMILY HISTORY DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE ABNORMAL GENE AND INFACT MOST WOMEN WITH FAMILY HISTORY DO NOT HAVE THESE MUTATIONS. it is important to consult your doctor who will work out your individual risk prior to ordering these tests and discuss the pros and cons of the test as well. Q how can we lower chances of getting cancer if one turn out BRCA positive? Answer: a) getting screened for breast lump using MRI or mammogram as advised by your doctor b) breast and ovaries removal after completing Your family. c) there are tablets available as well which option will be best for an individual is decided on case to case basis by treating doctor and individual preference.
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