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    Question- Is it possible to cure CML (CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKEMIA) one of the types of blood cancer with tablets (bcr-abl kinase inhibitor) eg imatinib, nilotinib or dasatinib? Answer- We don’t know the answer yet, but studies are now looking for stopping these tablets in patients who achieve desired response with them. This concept is called TFR (Treatment Free Remission) Question- What is TFR? Answer- TFR is defined as maintenance of less than minimal residual or undetectable BCR-ABL transcript level even after stopping BCR-ABL kinase inhibitors. Question – Which patients are ideal candidates for TFR? Answer- Ideal candidates are CML-Chronic phase patients who maintain stable and continuous DMR (deep molecular response) for more than 2 years, without any history of failure of response to any of the available TKIs (Tyrosine kinase inhibitor). Question – What percentage of these carefully selected patients maintain their TFR? Answer- Close to 50% patients maintain TFR for more than 1 year. Question- Important checklist before offering TFR? Answer- Patient compliance is of paramount importance, because regular BCR-ABL monitoring is required to detect reappearance of BCR-ABL levels and prevent transformation into accelerated or blastic phase of CML. Question- What is imatinib withdrawal syndrome? Answer- An imatinib withdrawal syndrome consist of diffuse myalgia/ arthralgia encountered after stopping TKI. Question – Is maintenance of TFR equivalent to cure? Answer- We do not know yet and longer follow up is required to answer this question.
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