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What is Cancer?•
What is Cancer? •A group of diseases in which the cells of the body start dividing in an uncontrolled way and start creating abnormal cells. Why do People get Cancer? •Cells make up the body. •When a body cell dies, a new cell replaces it by splitting and making another copy. A healthy body can control cell growth. But occasionally, the cells don’t know when to stop making copies of themselves and start creating abnormal cells. When the abnormal cells start to group together they become a tumor. Tumors are usually harmless but sometimes they can become cancerous. •Since there are many different types of cells that make up the human body, there are many different types of cancer. •Abnormal cells in a malignant tumor can start to make there way into other parts of the body and the bloodstream this is called metastasis and this is what makes cancer one of the most life threatening diseases.
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